Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Hot for Scott

More wheels laced up and sent out onto the local mountain bike trails! Scott is a friend of Kai, who I built some wheels for a few weeks ago. Scott wanted to go tubeless, drop some weight, and have wheels to match his Specialized Hard Rock Sport Disc 29er.

Everyone knows red is the fastest color.

The build is identical to Kai’s, other than colors. The Hope hubs where chosen once again because they’re well made, easily serviced, and convertible to any axle standard. Stan’s Arch EX rims are laced to the hubs with double butted DT Swiss Competition spokes and alloy nipples. To match the black and red colorway of the bike all the components are black, except for the red nipples.  Spicy!

Scott opted to use American Classis tubeless valves.  They've got some cool features.  My personal favorite part is the small plastic spacer - it keeps the nut up off the rim so it's easier to tighten, and the spacer matches the shape of the Stan's rims perfectly. 

The spacer is a nice touch.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the way they seal against the rim - they have a metal backing with an o-ring.  The metal backing will ensure you can't pull them through the rim, which is cool. 

Cool detail you'll never see.

But, the o-ring is flat, and it has to seal against a curved surface, so you have to tighten it down enough to squeeze in.  It does work, I'm just not sure about the longevity with that o-ring being so compressed.  Time will tell.  The red anodizing matches the nipples perfectly, and at ~3g a piece they're very light.

The o-ring doesn't match the curve of the rim perfectly, but can be tightened down enough to seal up.

All told, laced, taped, and with valves installed the wheels weighed in under 1900g, and Scott will likely see ~2lbs dropped off his bike with the wheels installed and tires mounted up tubeless.
Ready to ride!


  1. Please be very careful with a pump valve while you are operating with this AC red valve, it is made of aluminum and very fragile, see :
    Post 8

    1. Also, http://www.pinkbike.com/news/American-Classic-MTB-Race-29-Tubeless-Wheelset.html
      "Valve stems are way too fragile. One valve stem broke off on the thread when unscrewing the valve to add air. This is the second occurrence and an opportunity for American Classic to improve the design. The valve cores are light, but they need to handled very gingerly while unscrewing and inflating - something that is very difficult to do when you are in a hurry to get out onto the trail. I'll take the small weight penalty and use a brass valve stem as a replacement."